Why did we get fat?

Before doing anything, we went back to the beginning. How did we get so bloody fat in the first place? It is really important to read this bit. Don’t skip it. We have found that understanding how and why we got fat really helped us understand how and why to stay thin, or thinner. Here are our stories. Worth telling we think, because chances are, yours is pretty similar.

India was the good girl, I, Neris cheated and lied constantly. India found it easy, I didn’t. Together we can show you how you too can lose the weight even if your willpower isn’t all it might be – and that the important thing is to be kind to yourself. Written by real women, for real women, with love – rather than with disgust or sneering disapproval – our diet will turn even the stoutest porker into a bit of a corker.

The diet is a low-carb, high-protein way of eating, except that – unlike so many others – it isn’t mad. It demonstrably works, and it’s super-easy to follow. The book includes meal plans, medical explanations, recipes, exercise (ugh!), advice on clothes, make-up and hair. It also tackles the difficult areas of how to stay on a diet when the following crop up: parties, both adults and children’s, drinks parties, eating out, festive foodathons etc.

‘We wanted to drink and eat chocolate, and rather amazingly, we found a way to incorporate them into the diet – not at first, but eventually. If I hadn’t written it, I’d buy the book for this reason alone.’ India

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